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movie.relations — public relations for quality films
  "movie.relations" is the motor of promotion for quality films: on festivals, markets and TV in Germany. "movie-relations" is creating your optimal strategic communication concept and working the key tools: publicity and public relations for shooting, national and international release, b-2-b communication, markets and festivals, organization of premieres and corporate events, guest service, sponsoring, product placement, cross promotion, press kits - without wasting time and space.
Creating values from the very beginning
  In the beginning there is an idea ...and sure a strategic communication concept: the aim is to determine the target audience. To generate publicity within the film‘s shelflife from the first beginning till theatrical, festival or TV distribution we have to find the benefit, the possibilities of promotion and its budget within the production budget.
Creating awareness

To get awareness, tests are showing that you need at minimum five addresses in different media. To secure the buzz for the right target groups we have to perceive the hallmarks of quality. Then we can develop the right campaign in terms of medias, events, promotions, running time.

Increasing the want to see-factor
  The degree of involvement of the target audience has to be increased more and more, so the target audience is pushed directly to the cinema chair.
Building up pretending, sympathy and best publicity
  To spread continous information is the base to reach the general public. To secure word of mouth and start the buzz we have to create an arthouse brand to reach the target audience.
Keeping in touch with promotion partners
  Different kinds of instruments are needed to create awareneness and the highest "want to see" factor. We can use the same target group of promotion partners from the industry and the media to maximise the film‘s audience with below-the-line-measures and media cooperations.
Controlling the operation
  To secure success it is very important that every partner involved has the information he needs in time. The networking of the promotion should be controlled. We have to catch feed back of national and international operations to change the strategics immediately if it isn‘t working. It‘s important to control the campaign regularly - without wasting time and space.

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