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Hedy Lamarr – Secrets of a Hollywood Star
What do the "most beautiful girl of the century" and mobile phones have in common? One name: Hedy Lamarr.

Hedwig Kiesler, the Austrian actress and pioneer became popular in 1933 with the erotic scandal film "Ecstasy". In 1937 she flew to the US where MGM-Boss Louis B. Mayer discovered her as the “most beautiful girl of the century”: She made her Hollywood career in more than 25 films under the glamorous pseudonym Hedy Lamarr. Hedy embodied the black-haired, seductive sinful type imported from Europe as "White Cargo" preferably in an exotic scenery.

As “white cargo" Lamarr figures in film like in real life as a vehicle of dreams, wishes and erotic projections invented by Hollywood. Till today Lamarr is a brilliant example for the creation of the “Hollywood imaginary”. Unlike many other stars of the 40s Hedy Lamarr has merged completely with the dream factory and the publicity produced by it. She mixes fiction and experience, acting and life, hopping from one to the other. "Frequency hopping" has become a life principle to her.

So it isn't surprising that Hedy Lamarr in 1942 appears with a torpedo defence system as inventor of the militarily used "frequency hopping" technique. An unbelievable invention ahead of her time which every day determines our digital age with key wireless communication techniques like mobile phones, GPS or satellite communication.

The film will show a psychological portrait of glamour star Hedy Lamarr – hopping from the Golden era of Hollywood to making her life as a woman of brain and beauty in 20th century.

Interviews with Mickey Rooney, Lupita Kohner, Kenneth Anger and many more friends knowing Hedy personally
Shooting in Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Florida, New York, Salzbourg, Vienna

A film by Donatello Dubini, Fosco Dubini and Barbara Obermaier
A Swiss-German-Canadian Co-production by Tre Valli Filmproduktion, Dubini Filmproduktion, Obermaier Filmproduction, MI Films
With backing from Eurimages, EDI, City of Zurich
Original title: Hedy Lamarr – Secrets of a Hollywood Star
85 min.

Obermaier Filmproduction
Kalker Hauptstr. 178
51103 Cologne - Germany
t. ++49(0)221 3463960, f. ++49(0)221 3463959

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